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The McDonald’s Theory

I came across a blog post yesterday that really struck my interest. The blogger wrote about a theory he had called “The McDonald’s Theory”. 

I use a trick with co-workers when we’re trying to decide where to eat for lunch and no one has any ideas. I recommend McDonald’s.

An interesting thing happens. Everyone unanimously agrees that we can’t possibly go to McDonald’s, and better lunch suggestions emerge.

I’ve noticed that this is how my mind functions when I’m working on projects or reports at the office that need to be started from scratch or re-modeled. I get stuck in this weird limbo that feels like a writer’s bloc mixed with a panic of how to approach this new task. The first move is always the scariest, and the longer I sit action-less the more insurmountable the project appears.

I’m going to make a sincere effort on implementing this new theory I’ve come across into my everyday life. Just go, just do it, just start.


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